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Looking at Top 5 Best Electric & Manual Breast Pumps UK

If you want to get some rest or you’d like to be able to leave home baby-free or if you are getting ready to go back to work, using the best breast pump will allow your baby to benefit from the nutrition’s of your milk even when you are not around.

When do you need a breast pump?

Most mothers do not need to express their milk, while some mothers need to store their milk for an unpleasant separation from their baby. best baby breast pump reviews in the UKIn these situations, the best electric breast pump could make it easier for mums to express their milk that can be given to the child when the mother is not around. Usually, a breast pump is recommended under the following conditions:

  • Mothers who have low milk supply and they want to increase their supply.
  • If your baby is unable to nurse from the breast. Then your breast might need some extra stimulation in order to keep up your supply
  • For mothers with an ill baby, pre mature baby or a baby who is not ready to feed at the breast.
  • For mother who are separated from their baby due to any reason or who have to return to work.

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Top 6 Best Baby Bouncer Reviews in the UK

Baby rockers also known as baby bouncers are a great way to keep your little one safe, help them get to sleep and entertain your baby while you get on with chores. Typically, the best baby bouncer is low to the ground, lightweight and designed to bounce and sit on the floor when your baby moves his arms or kicks his legs.  best baby bouncer reviews UK

When do you need a bouncer? Usually bouncers are designed for the pre-sitting set. So they are suitable for both newborns and babies up to six months old or until they can sit up on their own or start crawling. There are a number of baby bouncers on the market that can make difficult for you determine which one is best for your baby. Moreover, selecting right baby bouncer can directly influence your baby so it’s definitely not a choice that you can take for granted. Don’t worry, the following guide will help you explore everything related to the most popular baby bouncer reviews that you should consider before you go for a purchase. Continue reading

Checking the Best Baby Walkers available in the UK

Seeing your baby crawling, standing up, and then taking their first little steps are great moments for parents. As your baby reach to this stage, some physical aid might come handy. One of the things that you would like to purchase is the best baby walkerbest features of baby walkersA baby walker will be your child’s first medium of transport. It can not only help your child to develop certain muscles and coordination, but it can also be used to entertain your baby and keep him/her safe when you are doing other things.

A walker brings lots of joy and motoring in your child’s life. It is not an optional thing that can be taken as for granted, but a baby walker is notorious for being a child’s first walking assistant. Whether you want one with minimal stimulation or you need a one with the buzzing play center, there are so many options which can make your shopping experience a bit difficult. So, if you are in search for the best baby walker reviews then the following guide will surely help you to select the one for your child.   Continue reading

Looking at Best Baby Bottle Reviews in the UK

Whether you feed your little one with expressed milk or formula, selecting the best baby bottle is important..! looking at best baby bottle reviews in the UKYou need to nourish your newborn and the options are breast feeding, bottle feeding or a combination of the both. The NHS recommends exclusively breastfeeding for the initial six months because breast milk is healthier and gives your baby all the essential nutrients they need and also protects them from several infection and disease. Even if you breastfeed you may still need to buy bottles at some point. It is an important baby gear item and you need to make sure that you have the right one for your baby. Continue reading

Top 10 Qualities that Make a Good Parent

Being a parent is one the best feelings for every couple. There is nothing that can be compared to the joy of becoming a mother or a father. what makes a good parentHowever, there is something every parent has to do to be a good parent. It would not take a great effort, but it surely needs devotion and dedication in parenthood. Raising ideal kids can be difficult for some parents, but dealing with respect, empathy, honesty, confidence, kindness, patience, compassion, and love. A parent is not only a parent, but a guide, a coach, a tutor, a babysitter, a teacher, a carer, and most importantly a friend. Here are some useful tips which you can start applying from the very beginning of your paternity. Continue reading

 What hair colour will my baby have?

Expecting a child is same like expecting a bundle of surprises. Will it be a girl or boy? To whom will it look like? Or what color of hair will your baby have? What colour hair will my baby haveAre the some questions that often come in parents mind. Although, no body can exact tell you regarding these concerns, but science can somehow predict about this.

We all know that a person inherits his height, eye color, hair color, sex from his parents. And all of this can happen with the help of chromosomes. According to the medical science, humans have 46 chromosomes from which he gets 23 from his mother and 23 from his father.  All of the baby’s genetic traits are locked in these chromosomes. The more interesting fact is that each set of chromosomes that parents pass to their children is entirely different and unique each time. Due to which some kids resembles to their father, some looks same like their mother while some has mix features. Continue reading

Must Have Best 7 Qualities of a Good Parent

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful experiences. Holding your infant for the first time, seeing him taking the little Qualities of a good parentsteps or growing gives you the most supreme feeling. But this little bundle of joy leads to huge responsibilities. From their toddlerhood to the adulthood, your children will look up to you for almost everything. It is essential for parents to raise them with good manners. Although good parenting comes naturally, that takes years of hard work, care and patience. But there are certain qualities of a good parent that will improve your parenting dramatically. Have a look and inculcate in your life. Continue reading

Looking at Top 5 Best Play activities for Babies

Play activities for babies such as walking, crawling, running, climbing – Play activities for babies it’s all about your little one gets into all time at home. Babies are so eager to explore and learn just about anything. From splashing in water to toe in the grass, babies use all of their senses to experience the brand new world around them.

Here are some easy but safe play ideas for your little one, all rich in promoting developing thinking skills and sensory exploration. Don’t leave your child alone when playing with one of these activities, play together to increase the opportunity for communicating and sharing the fun. Continue reading

5 Easy Steps on How to get Baby to Take a dummy

Most of the babies switch forth easily between breast and dummy from day one, so for some is not that difficult to get their baby to take a dummy.How to get baby to take dummy The other becomes reluctant or confused if the pacifier’s or artificial nipples are introduced during the early stage of nursing. This is so because the mechanics of dummy and breast feeding are quite different.

Getting your little one to accept the dummy or pacifier requires some patience and simple techniques.  So if you are looking to introduce a pacifier or dummy the following suggestions will help to make your experience smooth and easy. Continue reading

Top 5 Tips on how is to be Caring for a New Born

Having a newborn is the best joy of life. They are soft, tender, and delicate. caring for a new bornMany people even feel nervous in carrying them for the first time. It is the greatest delight for the first time parents, and at the same time a matter of concern. If you are a parent-to-be or you are a new parent, these tips will surely help you out.

Handling a Newborn

For new parents, handling a newly born child is a bit difficult. Many doctors suggest that before touching a newborn baby we should first wash our hands or use hand sanitizer. They can easily get infections as they do not have very strong immune system. Just make sure when anyone touches your baby they have washed their hands with hand sanitizer. Continue reading

Have you ever wondered If Twins can Have Twins?

Having twins doubles the joys of parenthood. Many parents desire to have twins, and some feel that it will be a bigger challenge. However, identical or non-identical, twins bring bundles of happiness for every parent. Can twins have twins?It is a general question that appears in the minds of many, can twins have twins? May be or maybe not. There is a myth that twins skip a generation. It indicates that twins may not have twins, but their children may have twins. But in some cases, this also does not happen.

There is an assumption that having twins are in genes. This can be a factor, but this is just not the ‘only’ factor of having twins. So this cannot simply be said that twins will surely have twins. However, there are some incidences in the world where twins have twins, there twins also have twins, and so goes the genes of twins. There are different factors that raise the chances of having twins, and having twins in the family history can be one that triggers. Continue reading

Have you Wondered Where is the Best Place to Buy Baby Stuff?

Are you ready to shop for your infant? Where to go?  What is the best place to buy baby stuff?From where will you buy all your desired baby stuff? best place to buy baby stuffLet us help you in this journey of parenthood and guide you about the best online places from where you can get your shopping list fulfilled.


If you are in need of buying the best showering and bathing baby stuff then just click on Giggle. Giggle has a wide range of items for baby shower and bathing. Be it a bathing tub, towel, or bathing toys, Giggle has it all. Continue reading

Best 10 Activities for a 9 Months Old Baby

When your baby turns to 9 months old, he or she may need some kind of entertainment all the time. Activities for 9 months old babyWhether you buy them lots of toys or give them some colorful stuff – they continue to seek for more different activities that make them happy. If you are also looking for some good ways to keep your 9 month old curious, then the following activities for 9 months old baby will surely help you …!

Tower stacks:

Stack toys help your child developing the important skills. They come in various shapes and sizes so buy one and play along with your child. Show your baby how to build a stack or how to fit into each other and let him do the same. Continue reading

Looking at Best Dummy for Breastfed babies and newborns in the UK

Either you like it or not, parents do rely on pacifiers. best dummy for breastfed babyParents purchase them for their own relaxation and ultimately it also soothes the baby. Babies enjoy the dummies or pacifiers due to the reflexive sucking. They stay calm and quiet, and do not make any disturbance for the parents. There are many parents who can just not endure a single day without letting their baby use a pacifier. However, there are some parents that strictly avoid using them. If you are one of the busy parents then you must grab any one of 5 best dummies for your baby. Continue reading

Checking the Best Baby Play Pens Available on the UK Market

Physical activity begins before birth. Early infant movement is totally reflexive, involuntary and relatively disparate to specific motor abilities later in life. best baby play pensFrom the first minutes after the birth, the infants become engage in significant motor activities that influence later development. When infants get older, they acquire loco motor skills when they play such as sitting, crawling, standing and eventually walking. Sometimes mothers need to take a shower, make a dinner, and do other household chores around the house, and you cannot precisely drag your child or little girl into the kitchen with you, or make them creep around while you utilize a hot stove. To solve this problem, a mother needs the best baby play pen which provides your baby a safe and close area to play safely. Continue reading