Looking at the Best Baby Lotion for your Little One


Having a baby is one of the most joyous experiences of life. The soft and small hands of a baby make you feel complete when they hold your fingers in their tender palms. Deep down inside you are afraid of touching that gentle skin. The babies would not be hurt, but their delicate skin can be irritated, even more than a grown-ups. advantages of best baby lotionThis is the reason why best baby lotions are considered a must buy product when you shop for new arrival in your family. Here is a review of the best of all baby lotions which are clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists.

Shea Moisture

Shea moisture is specially designed for extra sensitive skin of infants. It is enriched with Shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe vera, which nourishes the soft skin of a baby. The high quality vitamin E helps in protecting the skin from irritation and dryness. It moisturizes the skin and leaves the child with a touch of smoothness and a blend of sweet fragrance.

Johnson’s Baby Lotion

The name requires no description; it is one of the best selling companies of baby products. Johnson’s best baby lotion is clinically proven, recommended by hospitals, and is considered the best formula for all types of baby skins. It is gentle on skin, total oil free, and keeps the skin moisture round the clock. Its smooth silky touch provides a sense of comfort on baby’s skin. It is the favorite choice of every family. And it is very easy to apply it on your lovely baby.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion

It is made from herbal extracts to best support the infant’s skin and to protect it from harmful bacteria. It is suitable for all skin types and will definitely not irritate the sensitive skin babies. It contains no toxic ingredient and contains no dyes and synthetics. It is also easy to apply on allergic skin conditions. It keeps the moisturizing touch all the day.

California Baby Everyday Calendula Lotion

This product is an enhanced supplement of Vitamin E and calendula flower extracts. It is applicable on every skin type and is free from all the allergic reactions. Not only calendula flowers, it also contains a touch of lavender which makes its fragrance fresh like flowers all day long. It hydrates the baby skin and makes it smooth.


Sebamed baby lotion is dermatological attested and is harmless on allergic skin conditions. There are no harmful chemicals found in this product which makes it a reaction free lotion. Its mild and gentle touch provides a soothing effect on the toddler’s skin and keeps it moisturizing for long hours. It is non greasy and absorbable, with a sweet scent.

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturizer Lotion

It is a fragrance free skin protecting lotion, which is well trusted and reliable.applying the best baby lotion on your baby Unlike other lotions, it does not contain flower extracts, but its natural formula is combined with oats. It helps in moisturizing the baby skin and supple it the entire day. Besides being free of scents, it is also oil free and easily absorbable on the skin, leaving it soft and fresh.

Baby Ganics Smooth Move Lotion

Baby Ganics is clinically tested and approved by many hospitals. It is mild and gentle on the baby’s skin. It contains Vitamin E, Shea butter, aloe vera, olive oil, and avocado oil. It is the finest choice for your little one’s skin to protect it from dryness and allergies. It is recommended by pediatrics as a reliable opinion of choosing Baby Ganics over other lotions. It is also fragrance free and nurtures the skin all day.

These best baby lotions also known as moisturizers are indeed a very good choice for the parents who are planning to shop for their newcomer. They definitely belong to the must have baby items.