Checking the Best Baby Walkers available in the UK


Seeing your baby crawling, standing up, and then taking their first little steps are great moments for parents. As your baby reach to this stage, some physical aid might come handy. One of the things that you would like to purchase is the best baby walkerbest features of baby walkersA baby walker will be your child’s first medium of transport. It can not only help your child to develop certain muscles and coordination, but it can also be used to entertain your baby and keep him/her safe when you are doing other things.

A walker brings lots of joy and motoring in your child’s life. It is not an optional thing that can be taken as for granted, but a baby walker is notorious for being a child’s first walking assistant. Whether you want one with minimal stimulation or you need a one with the buzzing play center, there are so many options which can make your shopping experience a bit difficult. So, if you are in search for the best baby walker reviews then the following guide will surely help you to select the one for your child.  

Different types of baby walker:

There are 2 different types of walkers available in the market. Both have their own benefits and functionality.

  • Push walker: This is one of the most common baby walkers. As the name suggests, your child will certainly bring his own weight to make the walker move forward to backward. There is no seat, so your baby’s weight is not assisted by the walker. Rather your baby can lean on the walker, push it to make it work. Push walker helps your child develop the essential muscle mass to walk on his own legs.
  • Sit in walker: This type of baby walker comes with a proper seat that bares every one of your baby’s weight. It is portable and also allows your child to play and eat. The child has to use his little feet’s to move the walker. It is mobile and safe. The strong plastic boundaries of the walker serve as a barrier to keep your child protected from bumping into the walls or furniture.checking best baby walker reviews in the UK
  • Stationary task center: Typically it is not considered as a walker because it has no wheels but it also used to keep your child safe or protected while you do other house chores. It consists of various simulations that can assist a baby in developing his motor skills.


  • The push walker is the cheaper alternative to the sit-in walker. If you don’t want to spend much on the baby walker then consider purchasing this.
  • Sit-in walker has more options for a child. Besides from walking assistance it can keep your child entertained for long.
  • Both walkers are light weighted and portable. You can easily fold them and place them under the bed or couch when they’re not in use.

How to select the best baby walker?

  • Safety comes first

Let’s be honest, you don’t want to place your child in a walker that is not safe or do not offer security features. If you are thinking to buy a walker for your little one, consider those brands that are designed with safety features. There are also some brands with mechanisms that prevent your child from bumping or falling down stairs such as brakes, grasped wheels or wheels that lock right into place. You can also purchase a walker with a wide base. This type of walker will prevent your child from going out of the living room or also keep him away from the risky areas such as stairs or kitchen.

  • Padded Seat

If your baby is not comfortable, he/she will surely not going to like the new item. Being a parent, always look for his comfort and safety. Check the seat is extra padded or not? If not, then go for another brand.

  • Choose the one that’s easy to maneuver

Try to select a walker that is light weight and easy to maneuver. If the walker you selected presents too much friction on the floor or is extremely heavy then your child may become frustrated, discouraged or not appreciate playing in the walker. So invest in a baby walker that can move easily and effortlessly.  baby walker and safety features

  • Look for the adjustable feature

It’s not a new fact that, babies can grow fast and prompt. Don’t get stuck to a walker that they will like just to outgrow it. Choose the one that offer height adjustable feature so when your kid grow, you can modify its height easily.

  • Think of additional stimulation and amusement

Modern time’s walkers can provide a number of activities and stimulation for a baby. From walking assistance and playing to the bouncing and eating – the best baby walker can be a source of fun and excitement. So look for a walker that can provide all added stimulation and amusement. Some brands will include tray (for eating snacks), toy attachment, and some music horns so a child can play while they are in the walker.

  • Do read the baby walker reviews online

You can also perform the internet search and read the baby walker reviews provided by other parents. This will help you to determine that which one is best for your baby. You can also check the common complains problems and ratings for the different brands. If you don’t have the internet access you can ask from your friends or family to suggest you some good brands of baby walker. You can also read the different magazines for baby walker reviews and comparisons.

The growing list of the factors may seem like overwhelming, but finding the best baby walker for your baby can be tough. The more research you do now, the safer your baby and your investment will be in the long run.

Top 3 best baby walkers:

My Child Walk-n-Rock:
Price around: £50

Walk-n-Rock is one of the best baby walkers, according to the reviews and customer ratings. It is lightweight, durable and comes with an electronic activity tray that can be substituted with your babies loved toys. It is also height adjustable for babies of different age, has an extra padded seat with backrest and has a footrest pad to keep your little one comfortable. It can hold a maximum weight of 11kg and is suitable from 6 months.different brands of baby walkers

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker:
Price around: £25

Looking for a cheap but good quality baby walker? Vtech sit-to stand learning walker will be perfect for you. This versatile product comes with a lot of attractive stimulation and features. Besides developing essential motor skill, this walker can keep your baby on the edge of fun and entertainment. The bright colors, detachable learning center and toys stimulate baby’s attention. Best for babies from 6 months or older.

Chicco 1,2,3 Activity Station:
Price around: £110

Do you want a walker that grows with your baby? This activity station baby walker is a great option to consider. Whether your baby is of 6 months learning to stand or 9 months starting to walk – the Chicco baby step activity walker is designed to encourage little ones to take their first steps. Additional features of the product include, music, toys, tray, lights and sound effects. It also comes with a one year warranty and it is currently available at

We hope now you can easily decide which one is the best baby walker for your child..!