Looking at Top 5 Best Electric & Manual Breast Pumps UK


If you want to get some rest or you’d like to be able to leave home baby-free or if you are getting ready to go back to work, using the best breast pump will allow your baby to benefit from the nutrition’s of your milk even when you are not around.

When do you need a breast pump?

Most mothers do not need to express their milk, while some mothers need to store their milk for an unpleasant separation from their baby. best baby breast pump reviews in the UKIn these situations, the best electric breast pump could make it easier for mums to express their milk that can be given to the child when the mother is not around. Usually, a breast pump is recommended under the following conditions:

  • Mothers who have low milk supply and they want to increase their supply.
  • If your baby is unable to nurse from the breast. Then your breast might need some extra stimulation in order to keep up your supply
  • For mothers with an ill baby, pre mature baby or a baby who is not ready to feed at the breast.
  • For mother who are separated from their baby due to any reason or who have to return to work.

A breast pumping is not recommended under the following conditions:

  • To evaluate the volume of milk the baby is getting each feed. Rather than using a pump at accessing milk a baby is much better, because he uses both compression and suction whereas, a pump uses only suction.
  • When the breasts are overly full in the first week postpartum. If your baby is breastfeeding well, continue it, your breast will naturally adjust the amount of milk baby takes during the each feed.

What are the different types of breast pumps?

Breast pumps fall into 3 main categories, hospital grade pumps, electric breast pumps and manual pumps. Your reasons for pumping will determine which type and model of pump is appropriate for you..!

  • Hospital-grade electric breast pumps

If your baby is not able to nurse enough to build up your milk supply or if you are having trouble nursing your child during those first few weeks, then your doctor may recommend you renting this hospital grade electric breast pump. They are powerful pumps, with greater amount of sucks per minute and heavy duty motors. adjustable best electric breast pump reviews  They are more effective and stronger than the electric breast pumps and are able to extract milk in a short time. Since, they are quite expensive, so they are usually rented.

  • Manual Breast Pumps

Manual pumps are a great option when there is a short term separation, like if a mother wants to go out for a routine checkup or grocery shopping and leaving her baby with a caretaker and doesn’t want to supplement with formula. Manual pumps are less expensive, more portable and work well. They are easy to use, simple and convenient. The suction can be created manually using a press motion with your own hands. Many mothers prefer to use manual breast pumps because of their natural mimic that works similar like a baby’s compression and sucking. They are available both in single handed and double handed manual pumps. One can use according to her own preference and feed volume.

  • Top-end electric, personal-use pumps

Electric pumps work well for mothers who are frequently away from their baby or who return to work full-time and are not able to nurse their baby regularly. Electric breast pumps are adjustable, fully automatic with variable feeding times that can help to reduce the pain and nipple discomfort. The best electric breast pumps are more effective because they can empty both breasts at the same time. An electric breast pump comes with 2 variations, one is battery operated and other is plugged in. Battery operated tends to work well when their batteries are new so it is better to go with a pump that can be plugged in.

Best electric breast pump – what to look for?

With lots of brands and models available, it can be overwhelming for you to decide which electric breast pump is right for you. Don’t worry, consider the following guidelines in order to make an informed decision.

  • Comfort comes first

Your comfort is the top priority that should not be compromised at any cost. There are many brands available in the market that offer comfortable suction doesn’t cause any discomfort while expressing the milk. Best electric breast pump – what to look forSo before making a final decision go for a brand that offer most comfortable features such as cushioned cups, adjustable vacuum settings, sensors that provide extra reflex and encourage milk to flow easily without nipple pain or discomfort. For more details you can also read the electric breast pump reviews for the different brands. These reviews are provided by the real time customers who actually used the product, so you can better decide which one will work right for you with respect to comfort.

  • Expressing milk while you’re out

There may come times where you need to express the milk especially, when you are at work or out for any reason – a portable and easy to carry breast pump may be a great option to consider. Some breast pumps are slightly heavier to carry while some are light weighted and designed to be suitable for the home as well as on the move. Some best breast pumps also come with ice packs and carrying bags to keep the milk safe and cold.

  • Pump speed

The best electric breast pump offers a range of settings to allow you find your optimum suction rhythm and also enable you to adjust the vacuum and speed at the touch of a single button. Since there are many brands and models available in the market, it is better to select the one that offers all the mentioned features and adjust-ability options.

Some Important notes to consider:

  • After every use don’t forget to clean the pump parts. Don’t sterilize them, simply clean them using the warm water and soap.
  • Always select the right sized breast flanges also known as shields.
  • If you are using a double pump, seal the other side (in case if you are using only one from them)
  • Don’t borrow a used pump from your family or friends. It may carry bacteria or viruses, including cytomegalovirus or HIV that may pass on to you and your baby. So it is recommended to buy a new one.

Top 3 Best Breast Pump Reviews

Medela Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags
Price around: £20

Medela pump is the best brand designed for the long term freezing, storage and collection of expressed breast milk. It comes with a breast milk bag which makes it easy to keep the milk fresh for long hours. It is one of the best breast pumps with two phase pumping to simulate the way a baby would nurse.

Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump
Price around: £100

If you want a breast pump that offer faster performance than purely yours pump is worth to consider. It uses the hospital grade technology that offers higher comfort and milk flow every time.

It has an airlock system that prevents milk from back flowing into the pump parts so milk, mold or bacteria won’t build up. It also has speed adjust feature and dual suction that enable a mom to choose from a 32 combination.

Philips AVENT SCF334/02 Comfort Twin Electric Breast Pump
Price around: £200

Philips AVENT electric breast pump is the top choice of many women who want a comfortable and relaxed pumping experience. Its simultaneous pumping is more efficient and also boosts your ability to produce more breast milk. Its unique design makes it easy to flow milk directly into the bottle. Whether you are at home or outside this travel friendly, powerful and best electric breast pump is a worth buy.

We hope that this article will prove to be a great tool in selecting the best type of a breast pump including the best electric pump.

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