Looking at the best Hanging Toys for Baby Gym


When your baby comes to the age of 3 to 6 months, his sense of touch is not the only thing that responds to toys. best hanging toys for baby gymHe listens, sees, and enjoys tickling sounds and colours of the objects he plays with. At this age, baby cannot properly sit and only roll and turn. For the babies of this period, play mats and baby gyms are the most convenient toys, as well as a resting place. You can simply place your little one in the playing gym or mat, and leave the rest on him. He will surely enjoy if he has these toys hanging on his gym.

Rattle Balls

Rattle ball is one of the most suitable toys that can be attached to the gym rod. It appeals the baby with its bright colours. The design of the rattle ball is made for the ease of the baby through which he can easily hold the ball and play. Babies start learning at this age how the ball is rolled, and so the concept of rolling back and forth gets clear in their mind.

Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe is the talk of the town these days. It is the best toy for teething infants. There is lesser number of teething toys available in the market as varied as Sophie. It is a squeaky and flexible toy which is every baby’s favorite. Toddlers enjoy rubbing it against their gums when they are teething. They chew it, rub it, play with it, and enjoy the time they spend with it. Little ones enjoy chewing it from both the head and the feet part, as it is such a delight for them. Sophie may seem a bit costly but it is worth to spend on.

Plastic Links

If there is no toy to hang at the playing mat, but you plastic links; don’t worry, you have just the right toy for your kid. Plastic links are handy and flexible toys that babies love it. You can easily hang them on the baby gym or the play mat and let him play. It can save much of your time, as the baby plays in the gym and you can do other chores.

Squeeze Toys

Children always like bath squeezing toys. A set of bath toys can also be used as hanging toys for baby gym because of its flexible and grasping body. plastic links hanging on the baby gymSome of the squeezing bath toys make sounds when they are squeezed, which attracts the toddlers. This toy is not only confined to the ages of 3 to 6 months, but children around 2 to 3 years of age can also play with it. This toy is a must to buy for your kids.

Dangling Teether

Many parents prefer dangling teether as a permanent toy for their baby’s gym or play mat. It is long dangling teether, which keeps on hanging from the rod. Your little one can hold it and chew it and it won’t fall off his face. This is also good for baby’s development, as the baby tries to reach the hangings with his hands, hold it, feel the different shapes, see various colours , and enjoy chewing and rubbing it around his gums.

Hanging Keys and Rings

Hanging rings and keys are also a preferable toy for your toddler. Just tie the keys and rings with the rod and let your kid reach it with his hands. He tries to touch it, grab it, and in this effort when the keys make tingling sounds; it makes the baby happy.

Every baby has his own taste and choice, and it is just not necessary what one kid likes the other would like as well. As a responsible parent, make smart choices and get the best hanging toys for your kiddies.