Check the Best 8 Different Types of Toys for 3 Months Old


A newborn brings so many joys and happiness with him for his parents giving the best toy for a 3 months old baby and lessand other family members. There should be equal joys and entertainment for infants. Baby toys are meant to fulfill this purpose. They not only entertain them, but also shape their mental abilities. This is the time when your newcomer has already started to feel the sense of touch, see, and hear. He needs activities through which he can perform his senses. Here we present you a list of best toys for three months old babies.


Rattles are attractive toys for babies. They enjoy the colorful different shapes, which shakes and creates sounds. When a baby reaches the age of three months, he reacts to the shaking and moving objects. As he is three months, he tries to grab the rattle and shake it himself. They are drawn towards the sound that comes from it and enjoys doing it. If you want your child to stay away from sharp lightening toys then a rattle is just the best for your kid.     

Stroller Toys

Stroller toys are also called activity bars. They are hanging toys of different colors and shapes that are usually tied up to a pram or a car seat, or a crib. check the best toys for 3 month old babiesMost of the time when your child is resting in his cot, or buggy, or car seat; he can easily play with the hanging toys by touching them with his hands and feet. When he hits them, these toys move like rattles and he gets attracted to it. However, you must remove these toys when your baby is asleep.

Colorful Teething Rings

Many infants begin to have sore gums which really disturb them. They need teething objects that can soothe their gums. Teething rings are designed to help kiddies in this phase. Teething rings must be non-toxic since the baby will take it in his mouth. Teething rings are available in various shapes and attractive colors.         

Stuffed Toys

A very popular toy among the age of almost every child from newborn to even grown-ups is a stuffed toy. Stuffed toys are soft and colorful. Babies can sleep with them and have a sense of coziness. Since they are bendy and flexible, it cannot poke or disturb your child when he is asleep. All you need to take care of is that your toddler is at an age where he would take in mouth whatever comes to his hand, so the stuffed toys must be non-toxic.

Activity Playmats

Activity Playmats are one of your toddler’s favorite toys. They are soft and comfortable and are also made up of non-toxic material. It can be folded and adjusted as per your requirement. You can place it and fold it and carry it with you when you travel. The activity playmats are available in beautiful and striking colors and shapes which also helps to grow baby’s visual senses. There are different rattles, stuffed toys, and teethers are attached to the string or rod above it which your kid can kick and hold.

Sensory Balls

Sensory balls are a three in one package for your baby. It is available in bumpy, rattle, soft and crinkly shape, which makes the sense of touch of the baby more enhanced. Your child can throw it, grab it, and shake it while playing.

Musical Toys

Musical toys are also considered a good source of enjoyment for children of three months of age as they are attracted to the musical sounds. They get pleasure from listening to it and feel relax. Some of the musical toys have light tunes that help the toddler to sleep.