Checking the Advantages of a Double Buggy for Toddlers and Newborns


Dealing with two kids at a same time may be a big challenge for some parents. double buggy for toddler and newbornParents often say that it takes more of their effort than their job and other households. All they need is to balance their life smartly with their children. There are many babies’ accessories in the market that can help parents in such situations. Whether they have twins or children with lesser age gaps, such accessories can help them handle two little angels at a time. Among such devices, strollers or double buggy for toddlers and newborns are a great source of assistance for parents. This creative device can help parents take their twins with them and keeping an eye on them at a same time.

Graco Stadium Duo

If you have two children to take care of and cannot afford to buy two buggies, your most budgeted solution is Graco Stadium Duo. This tandem does not cost much is considered an all time favorite for parents. It has padded seats for the comfort of the babies. The two seats, front and rear offers different positions for your ease. You can fold and change the positions of the seat as per your feasibility.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double

Baby Jogger City Mini Double buggy for toddlers and newborns is a side-by-side buggy which offers the same ride of joy to both of your toddlers.advantages of double buggies for toddlers and newborns It takes less space and can easily pass through all doorways. It is lightweight and contains a back window at the seats so that your baby can stay cool. You can also carry it when you jog.

Phil & Teds Navigator

Many parents prefer tandem buggies due to avoid the large width of it. Phil & Teds Navigator is a lightweight tandem buggy, with weighing just 11-12 kilos. It stands among the most stylish and compacted tandems. It is simple to fold and push. Ne more advantage it offers is that you can use it for a newborn to a 5 years old kid as well.

Mountain Buggy Duet

Are you looking for a buggy to take a rough ride with and wanting your babies to be safe? If that is so, Mountain Buggy Duet is the perfect solution. It is appropriate for the newborns to 4 years of age kids. It is convenient to be taken on all the rough grounds and bumpy roads. You can simply adjust the seats, fold it, or even replace one of it if you need so. However it is a side-by-side buggy, but it’s the slimmer one you can search in the entire market.

iCandy Peach 3

iCandy Peach 3 is one of the most expedient purchase for parents, as it can be used as a single stroller or a twin buggy. It contains two seats, a front and rear, and a carry cot as well. choosing best double buggy for a newbornYou can either put your newborn to sleep in the carry cot or you can also put baby stuff in it. It is trendy, well-built, and multipurpose.

Bugaboo Donkey

Bugaboo Donkey is a stylish and unique pram, which is available in different colors. A great feature of this stroller is that it is easy to clean. Its exclusive design is considered fashionable and it is also among the slimmest double buggies. It can simply be adjusted, and can be converted into a single buggy, a double, or a carry cot. The seats are designed as one to parents’ facing and the other forward facing, and the kids can have a look at each other.

These double buggies for toddlers and newborns may be hard to choose, as all of them have different features that may all be suitable. Nevertheless, a double buggy can let you enjoy your rides and jogs with your twin babies.