Having Twins? Consider Buying the Double Cots For Twins


The news of expecting twins is one of the greatest joys for parents. The couple starts planning and shopping for the newcomers as soon as they receive the wonderful surprise. A cot is among such significant purchases which all the parents plan to buy. best double cots for twinsIn case of twin babies, the choice of buying a cot may get a bit harder. This is a simple guide for the parents-to-be to invest their money on purchasing the most proper double cot for their twins.

Graco Pack and Play

For newborn twins, Graco Pack and Play is a perfect choice. It is less spacious and stylish. You can put your newcomers in this cot closer to your bed. It contains wheels, which makes it easier to move from one room to another. You can fix and adjust it with the help of screws attached to it. Another great feature of this double cot is its medium height, which helps the mother to be at ease; and it is also very important just after having twins. The baby sleepers will stay side-by-side so you will be able to see both at a time.

Crib Divider

Most parents cannot afford buying two cots of a double cot for their kids. A budgeted solution for them is a crib divider. You can buy a single spacious cot and use a divider to divide the space for two cuties. Keeping in mind that this may not be a long time solution, but it may help you for six months or so.

The Double- Decker Twin Crib

The Double-Decker Twin Crib is the best choice for a small room, as it takes less space on floor. These cots are attached one over another, to save major space in your room. There are sliding rails available to open and take the baby in and out of it.great feature of double cots for twins

The Pamco Twin Crib

The Pamco Twin Crib is divided by a removable wooden panel which helps the toddlers to enjoy their separate place. If the panel is removed, the entire place can be reserved as a single bed. You can use this single rectangular shaped bed when your kids need some space to play with each other.

Bunkie Cribs for Twins

Bunkie double cot for twins are also space friendly, as they are among the double-decker cot list. You can place them against a wall at a medium height. The lower cot contains wheels and you can slide it out to put your baby in it.

DaVinci Emily Mini 2-in-1 Convertible Crib

DaVinci Emily Mini 2-in-1 crib is convertible and adjustable baby cot that has 4 mattress adjustment levels. It also contains a waterproof pad, which is feasible for the newborns to non potty-trained toddlers. It is long-lasting and well-built product which satisfies you and your children.double cot for your kids

Babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Double Cot for Twins

Babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible crib is a smooth simple designed cot and goes flawlessly with any bedroom style and space. The best art of this cot is its drawers at the underside which is a great help to store baby stuff. With this storage, you may not need to run and grab the towel and diapers of the baby; just open the drawer and get what you want. One better characteristic of this cot is its color scheme. The white and brown combination can provide the smartest look to your bedroom or nursery.

For parents, putting your babies to sleep in a single cot is all their choice. Every child needs individual concentration, even the newly born gifts. This guide must have offered you immense assistance in deciding which double cots for twins would suit your needs at most.