Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor


Sometimes it could be intense to be a parent. You cannot stop thinking of your child, even while you are asleep, however Angelcare can help you overcome some of these worries with one of theirs best AC401 baby monitor. 91RKnh6ffOL._SL1500_This 2-in-1 screen identifies sound and movement, it is ideal for first-time parents or those with more than one baby resting in a room already.

The Angelcare AC401 2-in-1 Movement & Sound Baby Monitor observes over your infant when you can’t, getting even the most inconspicuous of breathing sounds. The mix of two frequencies and eight channels gives completely clear transmission and ideal protection. The convenient LCD colored parent unit obviously shows the temperature of the baby’s nearby air.

Device include a special feature such as a temperature control, an out of reach marker, and the discretionary “tic” sound component which informs you that the breathing sounds are being observed. The unmistakable Angelcare radiance on the nursery unit additionally goes about as a mitigating nightlight, permitting you to observe your baby while the light are off. The screen can work being either connected to the mains or work on batteries.

Elements and advantages

  • Under-the-mattress SensorPad
  • Crystal clear transmission81ao2-2oI4L._SL1500_
  • Portable and rechargeable parent unit
  • Temperature display and control
  • Volume control and vibration alert
  • Full colour digital display
  • Hold and mute
  • Audio ‘tic’ feature
  • Voice-activated sound monitoring
  • Batteries or mains-operated
  • Nursery nightlight
  • Out of range indicator