BT 200 Digital Baby Monitor


BT 200 Digital Baby Monitor offers digital quality of sound in addition to high definition sound that will allow users to hear their baby’s cry, snuffle, gurgle, or breathe with a maximum clarity.71-whnWGPOL._SL1500_ This is a wireless system with maximum 300 meters range for outdoors and nearly 50 m for indoors hence providing freedom of movement around with crystal clear reception as well as no interference from any other baby monitors.

It will give you warning signals when it is out-of-range or when battery becomes low. This device comes with a link light for providing continuous confidence to users that its parent unit is getting proper signal from baby unit. In case the signal gets lost, you will be alerted immediately. Its talk back option helps users instantly calming and reassuring their baby is all right. BT 200 Digital Baby Monitor offers peace of mind especially to parents when their baby is sleeping. It has unique features like sensitivity control, sound level indicator, and nightlight, all of which has been designed keeping in mind all the needs and the requirements of first time parents.

The monitor can be used for maximum range of 300 metres outside as well as 50 metres indoor distance, which is more than enough for day to day usage. Its DECT technology comes with 120 dynamic channels. Auto-select feature allows users to find a secure channel so that they can hear their baby with a guarantee that no interference will come up from anywhere. You can remotely converse with your baby using the talk-back feature provided with this model. In case you feel volume is too high for your kid, you can adjust it or switch it off based on your requirements and preferences. Using sound sensitive lights, users can hear when their baby is calling for them. Not just the parent unit but the baby unit is also provided with the mains power supply feature. You will get a compact travel bag with this unit that can fit all components.