Motorola MBP18 Digital Video Baby Monitor


Motorola’s MBP18 Digital Video Baby Monitor will give you the peace of mind that your baby is resting calmly and safely in it’s room. Equipped with 2.4 GHz FHSS access technology for sound clarity, can make you feel that your infant will rest without any disturbance and you will get the clear message while they require your assistance. 61y3UuflUEL._SL1270_An 1.8-inch LCD screen shows all the available features, with an infrared night vision. Factory installed information encryption app is an in-built option  included for your security.

2.4 GHz FHSS access technology

The 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless technology offers a more advanced remote connection than past cordless innovations, which means better range and less risk of missing something imperative in your infant’s room because of a lack of power or dropped signal.

LCD screen with infrared night vision

A full-shading 1.8-inch LCD screen displays continuous features and sounds in your infant’s room, helping you to be informed about all the thing happening in the baby’s room visually as well as audibly. The night vision applied in the device will help you to have a full control over what is happening in the room, while having  all the lights off!

Information encryption for security

The Motorola MBP18 device encrypts all the transferred audio data to give you more security, than ever before.

Driven alarms for sound-initiated lights

LEDs on the MBP18 child screen show the level of sound movement in the room, giving you a chance to watch out for your infant’s action by a basic visual representation.

Operations range distance
remote access of the MBP18

A solid remote access of the MBP18 gives you a chance to keep in touch with your child up to 150 meters away, so regardless of the possibility that you have a bigger house you don’t need to be afraid that you might lose a signal, because the capacity of this device will let stay joined with your little one all the time.

Out-of-range sound alarm

This alert sounds will ring while you will approach the allowed distance by the transmitting unit, so you’ll never need to think about if you had crossed the signal limits already or if you will lose signal while sitting in the garden.

Motorola MBP18 baby monitor review by one of the customers:

Honestly I am truly inspired with this screen, splendid clarity of picture, night vision meets my all expectations, truly very good picture even in a totally dark room, base of camera exceptionally stable and sits well on the end of the bed without waiting to be screwed down and so forth. Truly like the zoom, it works on the base unit to zoom in on the cute face of my baby, awesome sound which can be effectively turned up or down. Screen naturally transforms off, when not connected to mains to spare the battery which is a smart thought. The battery just appears to last around 4-5 hours from completely charged, yet this is not an issue for me as I utilize it and have it connected when lying down on the bed during the night, and just use the battery power when I am in the kitchen washing the dishes and so forth! I barely use it over night, just in the nights when and TV/Radio is on and so forth. Fits my needs impeccably. Would very suggest this model to everyone if you are not too much concerned with the battery life.