Motorola MBP26 Digital Video Baby Monitor


Most important features of this Motorola baby monitor:

  • Good quality 2.4” Colour LCD Screen
  • Motorola MBP26 Digital Video Baby MonitorDigital pan and tilt camera and infrared night vision to monitor baby while in the dark
  • Data encryption set for security with a 2.4 GHz wireless technology.
  • Two-way communication to talk and soothe your baby to sleep during nap time
  • Nearly 300M range with ”Out-of-range” warning

In case you just became a parent and you are not sure if you might need any baby monitor at all; I will tell you that after browsing through this site, most likely you will spend a lot of time deliberating over whether to spend more money on a baby video monitor or you would rather go for a cheaper sound only monitor. As far as most parents still could not make the decision, we know from our customers’ reviews that they are always glad that they spent a bit more money and went for a video monitor. 81QFq89R2cL._SL1500_It is obvious that when your very young baby such as three month old will only sleep on her front you are able to check  if she’s alright means you are able to relax more in the evenings and spend more time with your partner.

Overall, the Motorola MBP26 baby monitor itself is easy to set-up and all the controls and features are self-explanatory. The picture quality is good – Although there a few negative opinions on the internet, where some people are complaining about the picture quality but all we want to do is check on our little baby, There is no need to watch Batman in HD on it. When it comes to the sound, I got to say is good and the fact you can pan the camera, is really handy if your child is a squirmed in bed.

So far we have not received any complaints, especially with the range or signal while the battery life isn’t too much of a concern for majority of people who it in the evenings or when theirs baby is having a daytime nap. Most folks usually have it running of the mains anyway unless they are spending their time in the garden. It has a very clear and bright image in the dark too. Just for a bit more money than a sound baby monitor, we think this is a great monitor and does everything you might want.