Is Baby Monitor with 2 cameras better for Larger Families?


Baby monitors are used to monitor the baby activities.  Now the problem arises what will be the solution if you have two or more children in the house? should we use baby monitors with two cameras?How can you monitor both of them simultaneously? The solution is quite simple – you should use a baby monitor with two cameras. It’s dual camera facility will help you to monitor your children’s activities. You can monitor your little one sleeping in one room and can keep an eye on other two. Having more than two children brings a lot of responsibility to the parents. They would have to give an extra effort for their upbringing.

It is a digital or video baby monitor with two cameras. It is such a great monitor because it allows you to monitor two rooms at a time. It is such a great technology from which you can keep an eye on your children while you are working or cooking or doing anything in the house. The two way talk system helps you to communicate with your children. So you can actually see what they are doing and can communicate to them accordingly. You also can zoom in or zoom out to see the better picture.

These monitors are very simple to use you can understand them quickly and you can start to monitor two babies in no time. It is easy to use all the features. Whether it is talk-back system, zoom in or out and many more depending upon the model you are using. These monitors have endless applications. You can place these monitors anywhere where you require. These monitors provide you quick view of all the surroundings, where you have placed the device. If you put your device in the kid’s room – you can monitors their activities. And if you have placed the camera in the baby’s bedroom than you can monitor him or her while sleeping and you get to know when he or she will wake can monitor two rooms at a time

You can move the camera to the 360 degree video and monitor all the things in the room. It not only just focuses on one point but it will give you the overall view of all the surroundings. You can easily switch the camera from one room to another room. So overall a double camera monitor can provide you with a lot of help. So it definitely would not be a bad idea to buy one.

It records, communicates, displays and most of the above gives you a peace of mind. The split screen technology is such an awesome feature that would allow you to monitor two rooms at a same time.

Top 10 Reasons for choosing the baby monitors with two cameras

  1. It would provide you quick glance on both of your children.
  2. It can easily move in all directions and provide you the good range of monitoring.
  3. It also play music including lullabies.advantages of having a baby monitor with two cameras in your house
  4. The music is in the form of some lullabies and some melodies tones that can play whenever you want and can set the time frame for it.
  5. The two ways talk back system provide you to communicate it with your children.
  6. You can also enjoy the benefit of a split screen by which you can monitor both the rooms at the same time.
  7. You can also rotate the camera depending upon your needs.
  8. You can also add more than two cameras.
  9. It consists of one parent unit and two camera units.
  10. It also provides the night vision.

Following are some of the monitors that are available on the market

  1. Motorola MBP 38S-2
  2. Infant Optix dxr 8
  3. Motorola MBP 43/2
  4. Motorola MBP 25-2
  5. Lorex Sweet Peak
  6. Summer Dual view

Summing all in a nut shell, you can get an upper hand by these monitors, so you can be able to monitor each and every situation at any time and most of above all these baby monitors with two cameras  will provide you a peace of mind, confirming that your baby is safe and sound.