Baby Monitor’s Popular Brands vs Features


Definitely when we are trying to pick the best brand for the baby monitor, we should ask ourselves the most typical question – is this brand reliable? imagesAmong the most popular brands available in the today’s market we can choose Motorola, BT or AngelCare, however from the less popular batch it is common to go for Tomy or Duronic.

The thing is whichever brand you choose, there are some specifications I would rather look into than just a label sign of the Baby Monitor. The most common are to look into the frequency band, batteries, night vision, temperature sensor, sound and light, low battery indicator and volume control.

Frequency band is crucial in the instance when your monitor’s frequency is the same as that of another device, such as a cordless phone, the more likely it is that you’ll hear some destruction, other noises or a cross talk. Some brands and manufactures has addressed the interference problem by using the 1.9-GHz frequency band, which is in most cases reserved exclusively for voice-only applications by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), is called DECT technology, for Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. Therefore, before purchasing your favorite device make sure you check that it operates at a different frequency band than the other devices in your house. For example if your cordless phone operates at 1.9 GHz choose the Baby Monitor that will operate at 2.4 GHz.

When it comes to batteries most baby units have an electrical cord or are powered by none rechargeable batteries. However, in most cases the receivers are powered by cable or rechargeable batteries. It is vital to check before purchasing, baby monitor brandsif the included batteries are powerful enough to last long hours, because after testing some of devices we discovered that the included batteries drain quite fast. If you interested in the good and long lasting baby monitors see our top list here.

Night vision is important when it comes to monitoring your baby while is asleep in the dark room. Most of listed baby monitors on our site have such feature with adjustable brightness.

Temperature sensor is included in some devices, which have the adjustable sensor, which will monitor the temperature in your baby’s room. In usual conditions the average temperature should be 17 – 22 Celsius degrees.

To sum up, whichever brand you will choose either the most popular or the uncommon one, there are some features you definitely have to take into consideration before your purchase. Obviously the most common brand such as BT could be more reliable, however the most important thing while buying the proper device is to check its features such as power, frequency band, range, night vision etc. than choosing between brands.