Pick the Best Baby Monitor for Twins


Twins are the blessing of the God. They will make your love stronger make your day shorter and most importantly your night longer due to the extra care that both require. They will make your bank account smaller, because obviously you have to carter each of their need. baby monitors for twins But all of the above they will make your life happier and will let you forget the past and you will be living for the better future of theirs. Now the worry sets in who will be watching them while they are asleep or who will keep an eye on them at night. And the main stressful thing is that if they fall asleep both at the same time, and then how will you make sure that if both twins are asleep? Are they safely positioned in the middle of the crib? You’d like to peek in, but if your twins are very light sleepers even the slightest disturbance risks waking them up. But you need not to worry no matter what your situation is the solution is quite simple and that is the baby monitors for twins.

These baby monitors will help the new parents of the twins to monitor them peacefully. These monitors will provide the peace of mind because handling the twins is very tough job you have to practice a lot of patience to handle the twins. These baby monitors are operated by the apps which can easily be downloaded from a play store if you are an android use or an IOS user from the apple store. These monitors would provide you some moments of relaxation after such a hectic session with your twins.

Why choose baby monitors for twins?

  1. It lets you watch your babies more closely without disturbing them.
  2. You can see, keep an eye and them and notice each of the activities they could perform.
  3. The video feed lets you figure out the whole situation.
  4. Two-way communication will let you to soothe those twins without going in and checking on them personally.

The complete list of Baby Monitors for Twins

Following are the list of baby monitors for twins. Each of the monitor have its own features now it depend upon you who best suits your need and pocket.

  1. Infant Optix dxr 8
  2. Motorola mbp43/2
  3. Motorola MBP25-2
  4. Lorex Sweet Peak
  5. Summer Dual View
  6. Motorola MBP 36S
  7. V Tech Safe and Sound Video Baby monitor.

Features of Baby Monitors for Twins 

Following are some of the features of best baby monitors for twins

  1. Real time video and sound
  2. Infrared night vision
  3. Two way communication
  4. Built in lullabies
  5. Remote room temperature reading
  6. Vibrating sound
  7. Zoom the camera
  8. Split screen capability
  9. Motion sensor
  10. Sound sensor

Now that you know about some of the baby monitors for twins that are on the market, you should have no problem selecting one depending upon the best features that one monitor that has so that you can easily watch your twins. So don’t delay, and get one of these monitors today so you can be prepared to keep an eye on them.

Using the Baby Monitor for Twins

There are two units in these monitorsbaby monitors will help the new parents of the twins to monitor their babies

  1. Parent unit
  2. Camera unit

The parent unit will consist of power indicator, volume, talk back option, color display screen and temperature indicator. It will provide you the video display of your twins. The two way communication will help you talk to your babies or you can soothe them while you are on your way home.

The camera unit consists of infrared light, camera lens, lullaby, photo sensor, and volume, play and stop buttons. The camera unit is connected with the parent unit and you can control the movement of the camera with the help of parent unit.

To use your camera and parent unit together you should provide a radio link between them and one thing to notice that the range will be affected by environmental conditions so you have to take care of the range as well. Any large metal objects, like a refrigerator, a mirror, a filing cabinet, a metallic door, between the camera and parent unit may block the radio signals.

The signal strength may also be reduced by other solid structures, like walls, or by radio or electrical equipment, such as TVs, computers, cordless or mobile phones, fluorescent lights or dimmer switches.  If the signal is poor, try moving the parent and/or the camera unit to different positions in the rooms. This is the situation when you are developing the links on the radio frequency basis.

But if you are using the Wi-Fi baby monitors than there is no hustle about the connectivity issues as far as the internet connection is concerned.