Looking at Battery Powered Baby Monitors


The baby monitor has been designed to help you to look after your baby. The first thing is that you have to find the best monitor for your baby that suits your needs and your pocket.choosing those battery powered monitors that have a good battery life After selecting baby monitors the next phase is the installation and placement of all the components together. One of the main issues with these monitors is the timing/lasting of the battery life. The battery is the crucial element in powering up these monitors. You should choose the battery powered baby monitors that have a good battery life and can be readily available for any kind of outdoor activities. These battery powered monitors are an essential need of those parents who have to work all day. So with these devices they don’t need to worry about the power or any sort of battery runs out issues and can monitor their baby throughout the whole day and night.

Best Battery Powered Baby Monitors and their Features

Some of the companies have launched the product in the market and are satisfying their customers with their quality of battery powered baby monitors. Following are some examples of the battery powered monitor devices.

  1. Motorola MBP160 audio baby Monitorsome features of the battery powered baby monitors
  2. Summer infant babble band
  3. Motorola MBP853 Baby Monitors
  4. Philip Avent Smart Baby Monitors
  5. Angle care Movement and sound
  6. BT Baby Monitor 350
  7. Summer Infant baby Glow Monitors
  8. V tech Safe And Sound
  9. Levana Willow
  10. Levana Alexa

Most of those models’ reviews are available in our baby monitor reviews page. So if you not sure which one would be good for you to visit there and do some research.

Advantages of using Battery Powered Baby Monitors


These monitor, which are powered by battery are very reliable. They can be replaced easily and there is no hustle about the power or any sort of battery problems.

Easy to Use

These devices are easy to use because the battery pack can be easily changed and you don’t need to worry about it.


These battery powered baby monitors are safe to use. The main reason is that the power of these monitors comes from battery and is less likely to face any kind of damages. On the other hand some people claim those monitors, which work on the power outlet could be sometimes a bit more dangerous. The monitor can explode with the variation in the voltage so that the life of baby could be at risk. However this topic is very debatable, and in our opinion both of the baby monitors are safe for babies, and we have never received any complains from the customers before. If you would like to get more into the topic here is some research done on the safety and potential health issues of baby monitors.

Sound alerts and intercom

Receive vibrating, sound-alerts on the parent unit when your baby is fussing. Comfort your baby from another room through the two-way, talk-back intercom. The temperature sensor lets you know if your child is too cold or too hot. Sound and motion activation mode saves power with the parent unit being turned off until it senses any movement or noise

Battery Powered baby Monitors having Parent unit and Base unit

 One of the main reasons for choosing the battery powered monitors is that they have a combination of mains-connected base unit and a battery-run parent unit. This means that the parent unit is portable and, as long as it is in range, you can carry it around the house and the baby unit will stay fully charged. Using a portable parent unit can run down batteries quite quickly, though by using rechargeable batteries you can save some extra money on battery costs.

If you live in a flat or a small house and you don’t need to carry around the parent unit, a monitor that needs both units plugged into the mains socket could be a better idea if you don’t require the extra flexibility. Mains powered monitors tend to be cheaper and easier to use, but would not work if there was a power cut.Battery Powered baby Monitors having Parent unit and Base unit

If you have a big house or intend to use your baby monitor outdoors, then a digital baby monitor with a portable parent unit is probably important. It would be a good choice as it has a longer range and doesn’t need power outside.

Key points for parents who are willing to Purchase the Battery Powered Baby Monitors

Following are some of the features which parents should consider before purchasing the battery powered baby monitors.

  1. Digital technology for privacy and security
  2. Automatic night vision
  3. Pan, scan, zoom camera
  4. Two-way communication to talk to baby or each other
  5. Temperature display on screen
  6. Rechargeable batteries
  7. Portable and convenient
  8. Sound activated LED lights
  9. Power-save mode.
  10. Low battery and out of range indicators.