Choosing the Best Wi-Fi Baby Monitors and Their Reviews


Baby monitors are one of those must to have items on the list of new parents commodities. These best Wi-Fi baby monitors reviews would help parents to monitor their baby when they are asleep or when you are outside or at the grocery store. presenting best wi-fi baby monitor reviewsJust think about it the new baby means sleepless nights that are full of frustration. If you want peace of mind then the baby monitors would be the best option for you. These Wi-Fi baby monitors are the wireless camera that is operated through Wi-Fi network and will help you keep an eye on your little one.

Wi-Fi monitors give the parent the ability to easily and conveniently keep an eye on the baby where ever they are or at any time. The main reason for deploying the monitors is to check on the baby activities visually for the new parents who just won’t able to stop looking at their baby. It gives them a handy equipment that would help them care for their little one. These monitors would capture the live video and transmit the video and audio via the same frequency that is used by the Wi-Fi network and  you can connect it to your Wi-Fi router.

Main reasons for choosing Wi-Fi baby monitors

One of the main reasons for choosing the Wi-Fi baby monitor is that it provides an access on the live video from anywhere if you are having an internet connection. You can also use the 3G and LTE technology for the connectivity.It detects the movement and the sound of your baby and would instantly send the notification to your mobile or tablet whichever you are using. These devices are equipped with the motion and sound sensor so you don’t have to worry at all. These sensors would automatically detect any sound or movement and will inform you about that instant.

Wi-Fi baby Monitors range

Following are some of Wi-Fi baby monitors that you can choose according to your wifi monitor reviews

  1. Motorola digital video baby monitor with Wi-Fi.
  2. Motorola Wi-Fi video baby monitors with zoom /pan/tilt and two way communication.
  3. D link Wi-Fi baby monitor.
  4. Summer infant Wi-Fi video baby monitors.
  5. Motorola Blink 1 Wi-Fi baby monitors.

Installation of Wi-Fi baby Monitors

Now it would be quite a hustle and confusion when you are placing these Wi-Fi monitors first time but you don’t need to worry about that, we will provide you a step by step procedure for installing a Wi-Fi baby monitor so that you can keep an eye on your little one.

  1. Connect your mobile or tablet with the Wi-Fi network and download the related app from the play store. Each of the baby monitor would have their own app from which they are operated.
  2. Follow the instruction and complete the sign up for the required app.
  3. Power on the camera.
  4. The camera will configure to the Wi-Fi network of your home.
  5. Follow the complete series of steps to complete the activation. If the activation is successful you will start seeing your baby.

Placement of Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

Tips for placing these Wi-Fi baby Monitors

  1. Always determine the location of the monitor that will provide the best view of your baby.
  2. Place these monitors on the flat surface to avoid any accident.
  3. Always keep the monitors 3 feet away from the baby’s crib.
  4. For the placement of these monitors you will need two adults one that would view the screen and other that would adjust the camera accordingly.

Features of Best Wi-Fi Baby monitors

Following are some of the features of best baby monitors that are operated through a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Motion and sound detectorFeatures of Best Wi-Fi Baby monitors
  2. Temperature monitoring
  3. Sound light notification
  4. Adjustable volume and Brightness
  5. Power save mode
  6. Two way communication
  7. Night vision
  8. Internet status light
  9. Multi-level zoom
  10. Snapshot option

Reviews of Best baby Wi-Fi monitors

Brands like Motorola, Summer Infant, make Wi-Fi baby monitors loaded with features that allow the parents to take care of their little one and to track his or her activities during sleep.

Motorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitors Reviews

It is one of the most trust-able brand that is very famous among its customers due to its good products and after product services. The monitors that are available in the market under the name of Motorola areMotorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitors Reviews

  1. Motorola digital video baby monitor with Wi-Fi.
  2. Motorola Wi-Fi video baby monitors with zoom /pan/tilt and two way communication.
  3. Motorola Blink 1 Wi-Fi baby monitors.

These monitors are connected over the Wi-Fi network and provide the high definition view of your baby activities. It is controlled by free Hubble app so that you can keep an eye on your little while you’re working or doing any sort of work. The two way communication feature will keep you comfortable and relaxed and you can talk to your baby whenever you want. The room temperature feature will help you monitor your baby room’s temperature so that you can make the adjustment accordingly.

Summer infant Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Review

The summer infant launch the summer infant baby monitor through which you can view your child from any place if you are having the internet connection.Summer infant Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Review One of the best features that this monitor held is the color display of your baby’s location, so that you can view your baby in the colorful display not in the typical black and white. This feature gives this monitor an upper edge over other Wi-Fi baby monitor reviews making it one of the best baby Wi-Fi monitors. It also has the sharing facility with friends and family that is they can also monitor your baby. Motion sensors will detect the baby’s movements and will inform you instantly. It has the privacy mode that would make it the most beloved baby monitor.