Using a Traditional Baby Monitor or a Video Baby Monitor?


The world has become unpredictable and in such times it is very important that you always keep an eye on your baby.  Traditional vs video baby monitorThe baby monitor allows you to keep an eye on your baby so that you don’t remain worried about them at night and when you are out. There are two types of monitors from which you can choose; traditional baby monitor and video baby monitor.

The traditional baby monitor is the one which has only audio facility, it features the transmitter in the room of baby and receiver is with parents. This allows the parents to hear the voice of a baby. Some of the traditional baby monitors also include the sensor pads which can be fitted under the baby and plugged with the transmitter unit. If in case the baby does not move for a set amount of time then the alarm will get activated from the system. These types of monitors are cheaper as compared to video monitors but these monitors are prone to interference.

Video baby monitor

Another popular type is video baby monitor which comes with the camera which is installed in room of a baby so that you can see and hear almost everything in there. built-in microphone and speaker allow voice communicatingSome of them also offer night vision facility and remote access. This helps in monitoring the baby when you are not at home. The system also allows you to zoom and adjust the camera and it ensures the clear picture of a baby. They are beneficial but they consume a lot of power as compared to a traditional baby monitor and they also tend to have short ranges as compared to traditional ones. They need clear signals and no interference is accepted.

Which one to choose?

Both the traditional video baby monitor reviews has their own advantages and disadvantages. If your house has thick walls then the traditional one is more preferable as the range decreases in case of thick walls in video monitor. The battery is much more reliable in the traditional as compared to video baby monitor. The traditional one is much cheaper than the video monitor. If your frequency of keeping baby at home and going out is less then you should prefer to have the traditional one. If you are working parents then you should prefer to have the best video baby monitor so that you can keep an eye on your child.