Best 10 Activities for a 9 Months Old Baby


When your baby turns to 9 months old, he or she may need some kind of entertainment all the time. Activities for 9 months old babyWhether you buy them lots of toys or give them some colorful stuff – they continue to seek for more different activities that make them happy. If you are also looking for some good ways to keep your 9 month old curious, then the following activities for 9 months old baby will surely help you …!

Tower stacks:

Stack toys help your child developing the important skills. They come in various shapes and sizes so buy one and play along with your child. Show your baby how to build a stack or how to fit into each other and let him do the same.


  • Your baby may not able to stack it properly, but it will surely help him to learn how to grasp the things.
  • This will have gross motor benefit and will encourage the baby to use and make the muscles strong.
  • As we know that most of the stack toys have a modular structure, they can be separated into pieces and then can be easily joined. This helps the baby in understanding the structure of the different things in a better way.
  • This activity helps your child in developing the cognitive and the intellectual skills as well. The infants tend to understand the things easier with the help of the toys.

Teach them about the movement:

Find a toy with lots of moveable parts such as doors, slides and buttons. Give them your baby so he can learn the concept of in and out, open and shut and up and down. Let him play and explore the toy, this activity also makes your child happy and fun filled.


  • This activity not only helps your child in development, but also fascinates and mesmerizes them. Hence, he enjoy better while playing with them.
  • The high-contrast colors and different patterns in the toy help them in developing eyesight.
  • The toys that can move slowly and produce lights and sounds are the best for babies as they help them in developing different senses regarding the things that can move.
  • This activity also helps your child in learning the cause and effect. Once the baby touches the toys, it feels good and tries to do that again.

Goody box:

Take a box and fill it with different colorful toys and balls. Let your 9 month baby open the box and explore the content. This activity will definitely fascinate your kid and he’ll surely love to enjoy his play time with goody box.


  • When a baby sees attractive toys, he tries to explore them.movement activities for 9 months old baby
  • The goody box activity helps your child to recognize things. The infants cannot understand what elders are trying to explain, but they easily learn through their toys. It is because when they touch the material of the toy, they learn more about it.
  • When a baby focuses on the goody box, he may be curious and want to know more regarding the toys present in them. This helps in increasing his ability to think.

Other helpful activities for 9 month old kid:

  • Read them short stories
  • Encourage two way communication by responding to your baby’s sound
  • Use your hand to make shadow shapes
  • Allow baby to explore and grab items within reach
  • You can also let your little one enjoy with mirrors and reflections

We hope that you enjoy reading the article about a range of activities for a 9 months old baby. If you have any suggestion or want to share your baby favorite activity with us then please feel free to comment below. Thanks