What hair colour will my baby have?


Expecting a child is same like expecting a bundle of surprises. Will it be a girl or boy? To whom will it look like? Or what color of hair will your baby have? What colour hair will my baby haveAre the some questions that often come in parents mind. Although, no body can exact tell you regarding these concerns, but science can somehow predict about this.

We all know that a person inherits his height, eye color, hair color, sex from his parents. And all of this can happen with the help of chromosomes. According to the medical science, humans have 46 chromosomes from which he gets 23 from his mother and 23 from his father.  All of the baby’s genetic traits are locked in these chromosomes. The more interesting fact is that each set of chromosomes that parents pass to their children is entirely different and unique each time. Due to which some kids resembles to their father, some looks same like their mother while some has mix features.

Scientific Facts of Hair Color

Usually a baby can get either dark or light hair color category. The amount of melanin can determine whether the child has dark hair or light hair. Dark hair is the dominant gene in most people, that’s why brown is the most common hair color and blonde is the rare and most desirable hair colors.

Scientific Explanation of Hair Color

Everybody in this world is different not only in terms of personality or attitude, but also in terms of looks, style, height, facial features and genetic traits. We usually spot families in the restaurants or parks with hair color or eye color different from parents and wonder “why do they have different hair color from their parents”? Or “what is the scientific explanation behind this”? This curiosity often gets doubled when you are expecting a baby. Now lets discuss the scientific explanation of this factor.

As mentioned above the traits for hair color are also passed from grand parents or parents to the children. The hair color of a child depends on 2 things pigments and inheritance. There are two pigments found in the human hair:

  • Pheomelanin – which is responsible or red tones
  • Eumelanin – which is responsible for black or brown tones of hair in babywhat color of hair will your little one have

The mixture of this two melanin will help to determine the hair color of a child. For example, if a baby has less Eumelanin concentration in the protein code, he will likely get lighter hair color. Children with higher tryosinase will get red and blonde hair color.

In some cases, surprising hair colors appear from parents that have different hair shades. This is because of a recessive gene in one of the parents. Some parent with dark hair color could potentially have a baby with red or blonde hair color. Some parents with blonde pigments likely to have a child with brown hair color because of the recessive gene.

Apart from hair color, it is also possible to predict the eye color, possible appearance and body features of your child. But consider this as a part of fun and enjoyment because there is a difference between prediction and reality. May be your baby will get the dark brown silky like her mommy or may be he will get the black straight locks hair like his daddy. Anything possible.

The facts of science are interesting, but full of surprises. If you are expecting a baby and are curious to know what color your baby might get, we hope this article helped.