Top 5 Tips on how is to be Caring for a New Born


Having a newborn is the best joy of life. They are soft, tender, and delicate. caring for a new bornMany people even feel nervous in carrying them for the first time. It is the greatest delight for the first time parents, and at the same time a matter of concern. If you are a parent-to-be or you are a new parent, these tips will surely help you out.

Handling a Newborn

For new parents, handling a newly born child is a bit difficult. Many doctors suggest that before touching a newborn baby we should first wash our hands or use hand sanitizer. They can easily get infections as they do not have very strong immune system. Just make sure when anyone touches your baby they have washed their hands with hand sanitizer.

Head and Neck- Its Sensitive

Always remember that you should be very careful while holding the baby. Place your hand under his neck to support the head. The head of the baby is fragile and it should not be in the hanging position. Practice this especially when you are holding him in a straight position or when you lay him down.

Shaking is Inappropriate

There are many parents who hold their babies carelessly and shake them in the air. Keep this in mind that this act is very dangerous for the newly born. Either you do it in agitation or excitement; it can harm your baby. It can result in bleeding in brain which eventually leads to death. Never try to wake your infant up by shaking him, tickle him or move your hand gently on his hands and feet.

Fasten his/her Seatbelts

While using a stroller, a carrier, or an adjustable car seat, make sure that you have carefully fastened the belts. Your little boy or little girl cannot themselves loose the belts, but still you need to fix them properly so they would not feel any jerk on a bumpy way.

Stock Up

Life gets so much changed after having a newborn at home. You always have your hands full with your baby. In fact, you hardly get time for yourself. You should better be prepared for yourself and stock up. Be it baby’s diapers or wipes, milk or toys; always get them in advance. Besides this, you should also stock up for yourself. Buy frozen food and get all the grocery at home, as you may not have enough time to go it and purchase.

Use Voicemail

Since you will be busy with your newborn angel and serving him in so many different ways, you may hardly get time to check out your phone. Try using voicemail service. If there is a really important call, the person will call back; or you can call them later when you get time. It is obvious that you cannot leave your baby when you have to receive the call.

Use Mother Aid Devices

Mother aid devices are really helpful when it comes to care a newborn. You can do the chores, receive the calls, relax sometime, and your kid would not be disturbed by this. These devices include play mats or activity gyms, strollers, slings, and cots. You can just put your baby in the cot while he would be resting or playing with toys. Similar approach can be taken if you place him/her in an activity gym, he/she would be playing with the dangling toys and you can do your work. Some mothers prefer slings in which they may carry their baby and move around. But slings are not suitable for newborns. They can be used at the age of 6 months and above.