5 Easy Steps on How to get Baby to Take a dummy


Most of the babies switch forth easily between breast and dummy from day one, so for some is not that difficult to get their baby to take a dummy.How to get baby to take dummy The other becomes reluctant or confused if the pacifier’s or artificial nipples are introduced during the early stage of nursing. This is so because the mechanics of dummy and breast feeding are quite different.

Getting your little one to accept the dummy or pacifier requires some patience and simple techniques.  So if you are looking to introduce a pacifier or dummy the following suggestions will help to make your experience smooth and easy.

Step 1: The first step is to choose the dummy or pacifier wisely. There are a number of well decorated or fancy pacifiers available on the market, but your baby need one that is right according to his development stage and age. Don’t forget to look at the packaging for some indications about the nipple that it is made to resemble a breast nipple or a synthetic nipple.

Try to choose a single piece dummy rather than 2 pieces dummy in order to avoid the posing a choking hazard or risks of the pieces coming apart

Step 2: Your baby is likely to get confused if you stuck on both breastfeed and pacifier because they both follow different techniques. Most doctors and pediatricians recommend to wait until few months when your baby gets familiar with the breast feeding. This will help your child to turn towards suckle and dummies more easily.how to give a baby pacifier

Step 3: Every baby is different. May be your first child inclined towards pacifiers or dummies effortlessly while your 2nd child may show arrogance. Even when your child is old enough for a dummy according to the recommendation there is no surety that your child will accept it. It may take some time and patience. If your baby is upset with the new pacifier or crying don’t force.

Try again after sometime or possibly another day till then your baby happily accepts it. The technique is to go slow but with patience, meanwhile, also soothe your baby if he is crying hysterically.

Step 4: Another trick to use with dummies or pacifiers is that “make it tasty”. Dip the nipple or dummy in the milk formula or breast milk so that your baby can suck it for a few minutes and gets habitual.

Step 5: As mentioned above, dummies are available in various colors and styles, choose one that can best influence your child. If your baby doesn’t like the first one try to purchase another with a different color or material.

Some other tips that can help parents:

  • Don’t forget to read the label to ensure that you have the right size according to your infant age.
  • Look for a dummy with plastic shield and air holes.
  • For a 3 to 6 month child, choose a dummy that you can sterilize, boil or go into the dishwasher
  • Avoid tying the dummy around your baby’s neck or hand. It is quite dangerous

Disadvantages of Dummies:

For some parents dummies are no less than life savers, but there are some cons too. So here are few things that you need to consider before introducing a dummy..

  • Babies can become habitual to dummies to get to sleep
  • Your child may get upset if his favorite dummy get misplaced or lost
  • According to the research, dummies can lead to dental issues in the children, such as ugly teeth or growing out of line.
  • Babies can get more prone to develop respiratory infections while using dummies
  • Dummies may make it difficult to breastfeed in the initial months after the birth.