Looking at Top 5 Best Play activities for Babies


Play activities for babies such as walking, crawling, running, climbing – Play activities for babies it’s all about your little one gets into all time at home. Babies are so eager to explore and learn just about anything. From splashing in water to toe in the grass, babies use all of their senses to experience the brand new world around them.

Here are some easy but safe play ideas for your little one, all rich in promoting developing thinking skills and sensory exploration. Don’t leave your child alone when playing with one of these activities, play together to increase the opportunity for communicating and sharing the fun.


Hide a toy under the blanket or bed sheet, leaving part of the object showing. Let our baby to find the object and ask him to look for it. If your baby grabs it, encourage him/her by clapping or kissing him/her. When your child has mastered in finding the partly hidden object, try to play it by hiding completely.

Make a baby play area with interesting objects to explore:

Create a stimulating yet simple baby play area by using the colorful stuffed toys made from soft, natural materials. Your baby will surely enjoy while playing in the new corner. You can also incorporate some more material like rugs, stacking rainbow, mirrored blocks or treasure bucket to keep your little one entertained and active.

Water play:

Let’s be honest kids love to play with water. Whether it is a bath tub or a swimming pool, it remains a top fun activity for kids to enjoy. For older kids, it’s really easy to let them enjoy under the shower or pool, but for small babies you need to be a little careful. water play activities for babiesTake a plastic pan and fill it with water. Put some floating bath toys to practice his grasping and hand-eye coordination. Your baby will have a great time while making big splashes.

Although this activity is safe, but don’t let your baby play long with water as it may lead to cold, flu or fever. After playing few minutes, dry your baby and change his clothes.

Watch bubbles float and pop:

It is a simple, fun and engaging activity that requires no costs or no preparation all you need is a blow stick and foam, and all family members can get involved in the bubble blowing. The amazement and wonder of this fun filled activity will be so rewarding. Your baby will love watching bubbles, floating around and suddenly burst and disappear. It will be mesmerizing for sure.

Explore the baby treasure basket:

Treasure baskets are very easy and again very enjoyable. Take any basket; make sure it is light weight and safe. Now fill the basket with stuff that your baby loves the most. This activity promotes a natural desire and curiosity to explore and investigate the things in a multitude of ways. It is a wonderful way to develop the different skills and abilities of babies from a very young age. Try to change the objects of the basket regularly so your baby find fresh and interesting stuff to play with whenever he/she access it.

Emptying and filling material box:

If you have a baby at home, you must have a baby wipe container. The activity is so simple but enjoyable. Take an empty plastic baby wipe box and fill it with some brightly colored fabric. Give this box to your baby and let him explore and pull out the material one by one.

Make your baby’s play time a fun time with these useful and easy activities. Try them and let us know the feedback by comments.