Have you ever wondered If Twins can Have Twins?


Having twins doubles the joys of parenthood. Many parents desire to have twins, and some feel that it will be a bigger challenge. However, identical or non-identical, twins bring bundles of happiness for every parent. Can twins have twins?It is a general question that appears in the minds of many, can twins have twins? May be or maybe not. There is a myth that twins skip a generation. It indicates that twins may not have twins, but their children may have twins. But in some cases, this also does not happen.

There is an assumption that having twins are in genes. This can be a factor, but this is just not the ‘only’ factor of having twins. So this cannot simply be said that twins will surely have twins. However, there are some incidences in the world where twins have twins, there twins also have twins, and so goes the genes of twins. There are different factors that raise the chances of having twins, and having twins in the family history can be one that triggers.

The Twin Gene

When it comes to discuss the topic of twins having twins, the first and foremost idea that clicks the mind is of the ‘Twin Gene’. There are some families in which women possess the tendency of having the symptoms of hyper ovulation. Hyper ovulation is a predisposition of having released multiple eggs at the time of ovulation. parents desire to have twinsThis multiplies the chances of conceiving twins. In this way, families where women have this tendency, the twin gene does exist there, as fraternal or family twins continue in generations. Keep in mind that this concept is only dependent on a woman due to ovulation. Fathers have nothing to do in the Twin gene thing.

Identical and Non Identical Twins

Identical twins are known as monozygotic. It happens when one egg is fertilized but splits and develops into two separate babies with just the exact genetic data. On the other hand, twins can be non identical. It happens when two different eggs are fertilized at the same time, which is known as dizygotic or fraternal twins. However, researches indicate that there is no particular reason of genetically having identical twins. Identical twins are always random; whereas, fraternal twins are more common in the twin gene.

Other Factors of having Twins

Beside family history, there are some other factors of having twins that can also be the same reason why and how twins may have twins.Identical twins are known as monozygotic

  • Lifestyle

Lifestyle is one of the trigging factors of having twins. Many vegetarian women, who usually have low fat diet, are least likely to have twins; whereas, women with rich dairy and high protein diet have major chances of conceiving twins.

  • Age Factor

Many gynecologists and obstetricians suggest that women who conceive later in the life that is conceiving in 30s or 40s have greater chances of conceiving twins. The reason behind this is the change in the function of ovaries that appears by releasing more than one egg with the growing age.

  • Number of Childrenfactors of having twins non identical and identical

Women who have many children have more chances of having twins. People say that the more children you have the more there are chances of having twins or multiples in your life. Another research indicates that women who easily conceive have good ovulation have greater chances of hyper ovulation.

  • Ethnic Identity Matters

Research has indicated that European women have more tendency of having twins, than Asians, South East Asians, and Africans.

  • Fertility Treatments

Women who go through fertility treatments, such as IUI and IVF have good chances of conceiving twins. These factors are not the only reason of conceiving twins, but they can be one that activate a twin pregnancy.