Top 10 Qualities that Make a Good Parent


Being a parent is one the best feelings for every couple. There is nothing that can be compared to the joy of becoming a mother or a father. what makes a good parentHowever, there is something every parent has to do to be a good parent. It would not take a great effort, but it surely needs devotion and dedication in parenthood. Raising ideal kids can be difficult for some parents, but dealing with respect, empathy, honesty, confidence, kindness, patience, compassion, and love. A parent is not only a parent, but a guide, a coach, a tutor, a babysitter, a teacher, a carer, and most importantly a friend. Here are some useful tips which you can start applying from the very beginning of your paternity.

  • Be Proud of Them

Parents must always be proud of their kids. Whatever they do, either something big or little, appreciate them and make them feel that they are your pride. When parents appreciate their children, they don’t anyone else’s encouragement. It’s you who can make or break their confidence.

  • Let Them Experience

Children always learn from experiences. Being parents, it is natural that you must be very cautious of any harm or danger to your kid, but let them do certain things. It makes them a good learner. They learn quickly by doing things themselves.

  • Comparison? Oh No!

It is one of the very important advises to all the parents out there; never ever compare your child with anyone, not even to any of his or her siblings. Comparison shatters the confidence of the children. Once you compare them with other kids, they will stop their efforts to be a good child. In some cases, comparison works to some extent, but deep down inside the child would feel that you do not like them over others.

  • Moderate PunishmentsFactors that make a good parent

Punishments must always be moderate. Never make your child feel that you hate them. If they have done something wrong, explain them politely and make them understand it. if you announce harsh punishments, you children will get away from you.

  • Anger is Bad Policy

There are some parents who are short tempered and do not tolerate minute mistakes of their kids. You must understand that anger is not a fine solution to anything. It can only make you lose your self-respect in front of your kids. Try to be calm and quiet and deal the situations with patience.

  • Always Follow Yourself

Parents must understand that they are the only ones who know their kids very well. Nobody can be a better judge of them than you. Therefore, you must always avoid listening to others’ advises all the time. People should not be telling you what and how you should do to your children. Follow yourself and be more of a friend to them, but only to some extent.

  • Trust Them

There are some parents who think their child is a liar. May be he lies sometimes, but that does not mean that you stop trusting him. Trust them, understand them; maybe they are having some issues and only you are the one who can make things better.

  • Be a Role Model

Children follow what they see their parents doing. You should always be careful to do good deeds and make your children develop good habits.

  • Be a Good Listener

As a parent, always, always listen to your child’s stories. No matter if they talk too much, mostly children do. It’s you who must be the one to listen to them all the time. In this way they won’t be able to share themselves with others.

These tips are quite significant for every parent, as they can make their child a better person for tomorrow.